Kickstart Your Kid’s Day – Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Getting kids ready for school each morning can feel like a game of 20 Questions. Do you have your homework? Did you brush your teeth? Where are your shoes?

But when it comes to “Did you eat breakfast?” answers can vary. Some kids forgo breakfast for extra sleep or because they say they aren’t hungry. Others grab a donut as they run out the door.

However, kids need good nutrition in the morning to start their day off right. Breakfast really is one of the most important meals of the day.

What makes a healthy breakfast?

Kids and adults alike should be getting something wholesome in their bellies every morning. The best breakfast packs a good amount of protein, whole grain, heart healthy fats, fiber, and low-fat dairy. Your plate should have food from more than one food group.

Whole grain toast or wraps, eggs or cheese, avocado or nut butters, are all great options. Make some of these combos for your kids’ morning fuel:

• Whole grain toast with sliced avocado
• Whole grain waffle with peanut butter and strawberries
• Scrambled eggs with sliced avocado and an apple
• A hardboiled egg with low fat/low sugar yogurt, and blueberries
• A homemade smoothie with a whole grain English muffin
• Whole grain toast with almond butter and banana
• String cheese, an orange, and a whole grain waffle
• Unsalted nuts (almonds, cashews, etc.), an apple, and string cheese
• Whole grain wrap with peanut butter and fruit
• An omelet with veggies and mango slices

Wash it down with a glass of water or low-fat white milk. Avoid fruit juices which are full of added sugar. And because it doesn’t have fiber, juice won’t keep you full. The bag of apples is a better investment than the apple juice. Eat your fruit, don’t drink it!

What if you’re in a rush?

If you and your kids aren’t getting a nutritious breakfast, try preparing it the night before so it’s ready to eat when you get up. If your kids are used to stopping by the corner store on their way to school, they can still get healthy options like nuts, string cheese, a hardboiled egg, or a turkey sandwich.  You can even warm up dinner leftovers. Chicken on brown rice can make a great breakfast too!

If your child says she isn’t hungry, she should still get something in her tummy. She may also be going to bed too late, which can throw off metabolism and hunger signals.

Your Kids Will Thank You

It’s important to be a role model for your kids by showing them that breakfast is important and worth the extra few minutes in the morning. Soon, they’ll be the ones asking the questions: What’s for breakfast?