Happy Holidays! Remember to Stay Safe!

VITALE_C_RN_CAMEO_CHP_20100803Happy Holidays! This is such a wonderful time of the year for family, friends, and celebration – and even a little chaos. Try to keep a few safety tips in mind so the fun never has to stop because of an injury. Enjoy the season and remember to breathe (deep and slowly), laugh, and make wonderful memories.

Tree Safety
• If you have an artificial tree, make sure it is fire resistant.
• If you have a live tree, check and refill the water every day. Trees dry out quickly in a warm home and can become a fire hazard.
• Keep small ornaments or those with small parts out of the reach of small children.
• Be sure all of your lights, electrical cords, and electrical decorations are UL Certified – replace any cords that are worn or frayed.
• Keep your tree away from any heat sources.
• Keep candles away from children, pets, curtains, or anything flammable – never leave a candle unattended in a room.

Toy Safety
• Be sure to follow age guidelines on toys and be especially cautious with small parts and toddlers or preschoolers.
• If you have older children, make sure they are aware which toys are unsafe for their younger siblings.
• Be especially cautious with toys, singing greeting cards, etc. that have small magnets or button sized batteries – ingestion of either of these is a surgical emergency and your child should be seen by a physician.
• Make sure to purchase all of the safety gear that is needed for the new bicycle, skateboard or scooter – including a helmet.

Food Safety
• Remember all of your food handling, storage, and preparation safety tips – do not leave food sitting out for extended periods of time.
• Alcohol is a poison to children – keep all adult beverages out of the hands of little ones who may be thirsty and pick up the wrong glass.

Remember – homes you are visiting may not be childproofed so keep your eyes opened for dangers when you are in someone else’s home.

For more information on safety tips, please visit www.chp.edu/injury-prevention.