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The End: Kumasi, Ghana

Time runs out too quickly at the end. There are too many last minute loose ends to tie up and it is difficult when you are tired. Too many toys to pass out to all the kids; too many families and staff to say goodbye to; too many instruments to pack; too many post-operative instructions; too… Read more »

Day 5: Dakar

Day 5: Dakar Today is our last full day of surgery. Tomorrow, our host Dr. Seringe Gueye, arranged a symposium of lectures that would be shared between faculty from the three teaching hospitals in Dakar and our team. I have not given many details about our hosts, but they are all extraordinarily kind and helpful…. Read more »

Day 4: Dakar

Day 4: Dakar Morning coffee in the hotel is wonderful. Dark and strong. Senegal was a French colony until declaring independence just over 50 years ago. One of the lasting tributes to French culture is the pastries and cafés you can find in most restaurants and hotels. Other than the French language as the official… Read more »

Day 3: Dakar

Day 3: Dakar It’s Tuesday. The cases for today include two children with ambiguous genitalia, which means their gender is indeterminate. In the States, there is every effort to determine a gender within days if not hours, and sometimes the diagnosis is made prenatally. These children are 5 months and 4 years old. This is… Read more »

Day 2: Dakar

Day 2: Dakar We drove through a congested city in the early morning to get to the hospital. People sometimes dodged taxis; taxis sometimes dodged horse-drawn carts. The five large bins of medical equipment we took with us from the United States arrived in the OR. We quickly unpacked and sorted. Disposable items that don’t… Read more »