The Sensory Room Offers Kids Therapeutic Fun

The Child Life Department at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC has developed a room that incorporates many interactive elements that give kids the chance to use all of their senses in a room that is both fun and therapeutic.

Child_Life_Month_3The Sensory Room at Children’s Hospital is a therapeutic space designed to help control pain without the use of medication, and to relax or stimulate appropriate inpatients.

“The space is designed to promote sensory relaxation and stimulation, as well as offering opportunities for self-discovery and meaningful therapeutic opportunities,” said Ashley Barrasso, child life specialist.

Located on the 6th floor of the hospital, across from Austin’s Playroom, the room includes items such as:

  • Lighted bubble column
  • Fiberoptic cables bundles together that change colors
  • Touch wall panels with heat sensitive technology
  • A bubble mirror that magnifies images
  • A lighted marble panel
  • Lumiglow panel that allows kids to draw or write with a light pen
  • A tunnel with fiberoptics
  • Different tactile activity pads
  • Disco ball and music system

Child life specialist Colleen O’Connor enjoys bringing patients into the sensory room.Child_Life_Month_1
“Kyra and I enjoy coming by during the week and interacting with all of the different areas of the room,” said Colleen O’Connor, child life specialist. “Watching her eyes light up when experiencing the sensory items is a great feeling. It allows her to relax and use her each of her senses in an exciting way.”

Also, a big thanks to the Sprout Fund for their generous support of the room!

To learn more about the sensory room, contact Child Life at 412-692-5022 or visit