Stress Relief for Parents

dad_kitchenWe all carry some amount of stress every day in our life no matter who we are.  For many, the HOURS spent with family members during the holidays are pure stress, the bills continue to stack up, there’s no money between paychecks, and your work life balance is overwhelming. Sound familiar?

No matter our stress levels, our most important job is to our keep kids safe. According to ChildHelp, here’s how to handle stress before it elevates:

1. Leave the baby safely in their crib or bassinet (already fed and changed), and leave the room for fresh air or a quick hot shower if possible.
2. Change up the activity that you and your child are doing- take a walk, or read a book with the child.
3. Take several deep breaths and count to 20 before you say or do anything.
4. Think about how your child will feel if you say what you are about to say.

ChildHelp agrees that we all want to do a good job of parenting so here are some long-term ways to do just that:

1. Take care of yourself- exercise, rest, and eat right
2. Talk with family and friends- learn from other parents
3. Talk with your child’s doctor- there may be a medical reason for your child’s difficult behavior
4. Talk to your doctor- there may be a medical explanation for the way you feel
5. Ask for help when you need it- choose a mature, responsible babysitter who you know well and who knows your child well
6. Learn more about parenting- books, magazines, and the Internet are filled with information about raising children and can help you make sense of their behaviors.

There is help out there for you no matter what; it just takes some time to find it.

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