Back-To-School with Nutritious After-School Snacks

By: Ann Condon-Meyers, RD, LDN, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC It’s appropriate that I write about back-to-school snacks. This morning, I had to kiss and hug my youngest son and wish him well as he returns to school. He is very much looking forward to this coming year because he is living on his… Read more »

Looking to a Bright School Year Ahead

Back to school is only a few weeks away – time to hang up the swim goggles, and dig out those eyeglasses from the bottom of the beach bag. By now, you have already been inundated with advertisement after advertisement for the best deals for back to school supplies. The one thing children will use… Read more »

It’s Back to School Time…Even at Children’s Hospital!

By: Raeanna Paterson, MLIS, Hospital School Program Coordinator, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC With the new school year just around the corner, it’s time for kids everywhere to get ready to go back to school — including patients at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC! Children who are hospitalized often struggle with school attendance and homework…. Read more »

Choosing Your Transplant Family

By Catherine Herridge, member of the Transplant Auxiliary of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation. This blog was prepared as a service to families dealing with organ transplantation. Catherine’s son Peter is a liver transplant recipient. “She’s a rock star.” Hailey Puleo says nothing can stop their 9-year old daughter Acacia.  “She’s a double black diamond… Read more »

One Student’s Wish

Ryan Riffner, a third-grader at Jeffery Primary in Shaler, was asked to write a composition explaining what he would do if he was the richest person in the world and to describe one day in his life. Ryan took to his creative writing and put together a composition which included getting a private jet as… Read more »