Oliver visits Children’s Hospital

Oliver Wilhelm, 7, of West Virginia, was born prematurely and developed a kink in his bowel that necessitated the surgical removal of more than a foot of bowel. Because of his short gut syndrome, he wasn’t able to eat very much at all as a child. Oliver was listed for a small bowel transplant, which he received at Children’s Hospital on March 4, 2009. Recently, Oliver returned to Children’s Hospital for a follow-up appointment and to visit the nurses and other staff who cared for him.

Oliver, who is back to being a rambunctious, fun-loving boy, had plenty to say and plenty of hugs to go around.


  • Patti whitmer

    I can hardly believe I get to see Oliver again…! I took care of him back in ’05-’06…. Binkys on every finger..!!! God Bless You and your family Oliver….!

  • Lisa

    Wow he got so big and adorable! I know him from volunteering at Childrens, thought he looked familiar then Patti’s comment made me realize exactly who he was!