Make Room for Kids

The transplant unit at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC is getting a multimedia makeover thanks to Make Room for Kids, a social media-driven fundraising project, and local Microsoft employees. Working with the Mario Lemieux Foundation, the group partnered to raise money and multimedia donations to outfit the transplant unit with gaming equipment and laptops. On Thursday, April 29, they delivered 24 Xbox consoles, two Xbox kiosks, extra controllers and dozens of games to the hospital’s transplant unit. Each patient room on the transplant unit was outfitted so that all patients have access to gaming and computers during their hospitalizations.

Make Room for Kids chose the transplant unit for their multimedia project because patients on that unit often are in isolation due to their compromised immune systems. Their average length of stay is nearly five weeks. Make Room for Kids was started by Ginny Montanez of the popular Pittsburgh blog That’s Church, who encouraged her readers to donate. In a week, they raised more than $15,000 for the patients at Children’s Hospital.

Local Microsoft employees, including Luke Sossi, heard about the effort and donated the Xbox consoles, controllers, games, etc. on their own. The money raised will be used to buy laptops and other items that will be delivered at a later date.


  • Val Tollini

    I actually just got home from a volunteer shift in the transplant unit where a patient and I played with the new Xbox goodies. 🙂 They’ll be especially useful for the kids over weekends when our floor’s playrooms are closed. What a generous donation all the equipment is! Thank you from all of us.