Fun in the Snow!

VITALE_C_RN_CAMEO_CHP_20100803It’s coming – and soon everyone will be hitting the slopes and hills for skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. This is the time of year when so many long lasting memories are made; let’s make them all great by remembering these safety tips:

Ski & Snowboard
Never ski or snowboard alone. If a problem comes up, you need someone to go for help.

Be sure to dress for the weather:
• Wear layers and materials that pull the sweat away from the body while keeping heat in.
• Wear wind and water resistant jackets and accessories.
• Wool socks keep toes toasty.
• Always wear hats and gloves or mittens.
• Avoid scarves, or only wear them under the coat (they can get caught on things and become a choking hazard).

Sledding is so much fun, but kids are more likely to be injured while sledding than when skiing or snowboarding. More than half of sledding injuries involve the head because kids like to sled on their bellies, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. Here are some tips to remember so no one misses a single day of fun this winter:

• Wear a helmet (multi-sport or bike) every time. Sleds move faster than bikes and have been clocked at 35 mph.
• Sled on snow, not ice – ice is much harder if you crash and also faster and harder to control.
• Choose an area that is not too steep, has a long flat area at the bottom to glide to a stop, does not have trees, ponds, fences or other obstacles, or does not end at a street or parking lot.
• Sled during the day or in a well-lit area.
• Sled with an adult present.
• Ride with your feet going first.
• If you lose control just roll off and pick up your sled at the bottom of the hill.
• Choose a sled that allows you to turn and brake.
• Tubes are best in a tube park because they are much harder to control and move faster.

• Equip yourself with lessons – especially how to slow down, turn, and stop.
• Always wear an approved ski helmet and goggles, all the time.
• Always check and double check equipment before each run.
• Secure any loose ends of clothing or equipment before each run.
• Remember to hydrate – we forget how much we are sweating because it’s cold outside.

Speaking of helmets – join us on January 29, 2017 at the Boyce Park Ski Area from 11 am to 1 pm for a free ski helmet fitting and giveaway!