CF, in the Eyes of an 8 Year Old

By Sydney Willig

Cystic Fibrosis is something I have always had.  CF is not fun.  Before school and before bed, I do my puffers, fishy mask and vest.  Before I eat anything, I have to take pills so I don’t get sick. With breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, I take 6 pills.  I even have to take pills at school.  I get nervous if we don’t have a nurse there because I missed my lunch one day and I didn’t like that.

Each day I take a lot of pills to keep healthy (30 pills).  I used to use applesauce before I could swallow pills, but now they are so easy!

CF doesn’t slow me down.  I like to play soccer, swim, water ski, snow ski, ride my bike and ride my scooter.  I hope we get a cure soon so I can be around my two friends who have CF!  This is what I have.

  • Mrs. B

    Sydney, you are the bravest girl I know….I have loved watching you grow from my little Syd to such a beautiful young lady… Keep on dreaming big!
    Love, Mrs. B

  • Shawna

    You are such a wonderful inspiration to all CF kiddos. You are a beautiful little girl with an amazing heart!

    • Nicoly

      No there aren’t. And anyways diet pills don’t work once you stop using them you just gain wehgit again so the best way to lose wehgit is the old fashion way diet and excersise. I’m 12 and I have the same problem well i’m not fat or chuby its just my stomache looks fat, but they have books and i’m trying to see if theres a gym for kids. Also a while ago i found a camp called excersise for kids it was fun and they have a bunch of other places. If your really dedicated and really focused then you’ll be able to lose wehgit. Just like my friend she was dedicated and she was able to lose wehgit.

  • Kenzi Smith

    I dont know if you remember me but my Aunt Debbe and your mom worked together at Silver Tree. You & I both met at Will o’ The Wisp. That is when I met you and knew we were going to be great friends! You are so brave with this whole CF thing. I look up to you for that! I hope that when you come back to Deep Creek we can get together. I look forward to having a great relationship & skiing with you!!!!!!

  • Jen Whitman


    You are such a great role model for all the younger kids with CF – showing them it doesn’t have to hold you back. CF didn’t know what is was up against with you! Love Aunt Jenny

  • Sister M. Josephine

    Sydney, Thanks for the great message. I hope it help lots of other kids with CF. Keep on having fun. Aunt Dianne