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Sleeping … like a baby

Isn’t this the dream of every parent?  When their dearest bundle of joy is welcomed into this world, every parent wants to do their best and is determined to help their child learn how to sleep. While most healthy normal infants sleep well in their first two to three months of life, many distractions including… Read more »

My Two Year Concussion – Journey to a Headache-Free Day

By: Jennifer and Chris Carlin, parents to Alex Carlin, patient at Children’s Hospital It was August 18, 2011.  After conditioning all summer with the high school football team, camp had finally arrived.  Alex was in amazing physical shape and being very sturdy and strong for his age, he was excited to join the team. Alex… Read more »

Looking to a Bright School Year Ahead

Back to school is only a few weeks away – time to hang up the swim goggles, and dig out those eyeglasses from the bottom of the beach bag. By now, you have already been inundated with advertisement after advertisement for the best deals for back to school supplies. The one thing children will use… Read more »


By Jamie Mesar, Manager, Child Advocacy Center at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC When viewing these letters in the title of this post, several of us see nothing more than a jumbled mess, but to many teenagers and children, it is a full sentence and source of communication that can lead them down a… Read more »

Medical Play – Letting Patients Be In Control

By Beth Moneck, MS, Certified Child Life Specialist, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC In celebration of Child Life Month in March, we wanted to share one of the many patient support interventions our certified child life specialists do here at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC: Medical Play. Medical play is a therapeutic intervention,… Read more »