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Sunscreen for Kids: What to Know

The sun is shining, and our children are finally putting down their technology and video games and going outside to play. We applaud this, but remember to protect them from the sun’s strong rays at this time of year. Sunscreen should be every child’s number one accessory. Sunscreen is important because: We know that sun… Read more »

Face Paint on Halloween – Safety Tips

Halloween is only days away, and it is one of the most treasured holidays of the year for children. What could be better than a whole evening of dress up and free candy?!  Most children aren’t allowed to wear makeup regularly except for on this special day. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics as… Read more »

Protecting Children from Insect Bites

With many of the news headlines focusing on the Zika virus this year, it is more important than ever before to know how to safely and effectively protect your infants or children from insect bites. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC asks Dr. Robin Gehris, chief of Pediatric Dermatology, a few common questions about insect… Read more »

Children and Lice – What to Know

Anyone who has children in school or in daycare can identify with the panic that parents feel when that call comes from the school nurse or the note comes home in their child’s backpack that their son or daughter has head lice. Head lice has always been more common in situations where people are grouped… Read more »

Dry Skin Advice for Pittsburgh Winters

The good news is that we are more than halfway through winter! The bad news is that in Pittsburgh and neighboring areas the cold, dry weather often continues well into the spring.  Many of us are feeling the effect of winter weather on our skin, which can be especially dry at this time of year…. Read more »