A Blog by Luke

By: Luke Maeding, double-lung transplant recipient at Children’s

I’m at the hospital in Pittsburgh. You can get beads for every time you have surgery or something scary done. They are Beads of Courage. Each day you circle the beads you need for your child. Find the day you are on and circle the beads you need.

There is arts and crafts and games and toys and there are game systems. You can get a Wii from Child Life or you can get a Game Cube controller. They have to find them. If there is no Wii that means there is a kid using that one. And there’s a playroom on the floor you are on and a playroom on the sixth floor. The sixth floor go right then go right again then on the left. And there is also a library on the sixth floor.

Just after you are in the elevators when you get to the sixth floor exit the elevators go to the left and keep going. And there are books for your kids to read. If a book says Adopt Me you can keep it and you can just go out the door. You don’t have to use your library card, it is true. If a book doesn’t have an Adopt Me sticker on it then you can borrow it, you can’t keep it. I don’t know what happens if you have to borrow it because I have not borrowed books here but I know you get to keep the books if it says AdoptMe.

One the sixth floor there are fun things your kids can do. Like radiothons and drums and there are sports teams that come to the hospital like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Pirates and you get to watch them on TV.

There are dogs that come and visit you. And you get to pet the dogs and that stuff. But if you are on isolation then you can’t get dog visits.

And there is a menu you can order food on the menu. It is called Moose on the Loose. You can just ask for one.

That’s all. From Luke.