Monthly Archives: January 2018

Stress Relief for Parents

The holidays may be over, but the stressors are still here. Whether it’s the holiday decorations that need taken down, your infant who needs that 3 am feeding, your school age child who has another 2-hour delay or cancellation, your teenager who rolls their eyes to EVERYTHING you say and do, or all the above…… Read more »

Children’s Hospital joins Common Threads in celebrating Cooking For Life Month

We’re getting a healthy start to 2018 with Common Threads by celebrating Cooking for Life month, and a commitment to nutrition and healthy cooking. Children’s Healthy Schools Program partners with Common Threads to educate children on nutrition and well being, empower them to make healthier choices, and become change agents in their families, schools and… Read more »

Kajha’s Rehab Journey

Kajha, a 13-year-old honors student, is by all accounts a remarkable young woman. Talk to anyone who has met her, and it seems they just can’t stop talking about how great she is: her spirit, her smile, her generosity, her perseverance. All of that was tested when Kajha had a large stroke one night. She… Read more »